Best Restaurants in and around Wells Maine

Let's see, there are so many great restaurants in the Southern Maine area, we'll just name our favorite in each category!

Mike's Clam Shack Restaurant (646-5999) on Route 1 is open year round and has excellent family fare at more than fair prices. Great seafood for take out or dine in.

Alfredo's Italian Pizzeria (646-1718) on Route 1/route 109 has the best. Some unusual special recipe pizzas. Try their chicken tortollini salad for lunch.

Lord's Steakhouse Restaurant (646-4200) on Route 1 has the best - you guessed it ;-) But be prepared to wait for a while before you get your dinner. Fast service but long lines to get in the restaurant.

Big Daddy's (route 1) has the best ice cream! Don't miss their brownie sundae - it's a meal in itself!

The Maine Diner on Route 1 is fast, cheap and a good family food. But you may have to visit their fun gift shop while you wait to get your table. They'll buzz you with a handheld buzzer when your table's ready for dinner!

Congdon's Restaurant definitely has the best donuts. Full breakfast and lunch menus including lobster pancakes! It's my favorite place for raspberry Belgian waffles - light on the whipped cream of course.

And there's always Dunkin Donuts for the best bagels. It's right across the street from The Elmwood Resort Hotel on Route 1.

Best Nearby Restaurants

Windows on the Water Restaurant (967-3313) near the junction of Routes 9 and 35 in Kennebunkport has a gourmet menu with lovely views of the harbor. Award winning lobster bisque and lobster stuffed potato. On the expensive side - but worth it.

Flo's Hot Dog Stand on Rt.1 in York. Flo's is world famous. This fame is probably due to being world famous. The hot dogs are good, as hot dogs go but if there are more than a dozen cars parked out front I keep going. You may get a kick out of the ambiance. When the wait is not too long I prefer the "sauce & mayo" option which is what made Flo's famous before they were famous.

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