Little People Candy Dance

The "Little People Candy Dance" is a real hoot. Any little people present are invited to join, regardless of their tribe, Abnaki, Iroquois, Penobscot, Sesame Street.

Candy has been spread over the dance circle and the dancers begin by following the leader while the drums pound and the chanters repeat:

Mickey Mouse... Minnie Mouse..... Pocahontas too
Mickey Mouse.... Minnie Mouse.....Wileyeeee..Coyotee too

When the drums and chanting suddenly stop, the dancers must quickly gather all the candy they are able to pick up.

This may sound like an easy dance to learn but it is really very difficult. The tough part comes when the music starts again and the dancers must throw down the candy they are holding and return to the dance! If the cycle repeats too many times, the tension in the dancers becomes almost unbearable.

All's well that ends. When the master of ceremonies decides that the dance is completed the dancers get to keep the props. I'm sure that they also get some kind of valuable life lesson from this exercise but I have not personally participated so I'm not sure what that would be.

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